Signs He Wants to Marry You – Watch For These Signs…He May be Popping the Question Soon.

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Men can be hard to read and if you’re interested in knowing if your guy is getting ready to pop the question, you may be looking for some key signs. These signs he wants to marry you may be subtle, but if you observe your boyfriend, you may be able to determine how serious he actually is about your relationship.

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One of the signs he wants to marry you can be seen in the way that he handles his finances. Guys tend to be fairly possessive of their money, so when they begin suggesting opening a joint bank account or talking more about financial matters, this can be a key sign that he’s interested in taking the next step. You may also notice that your guy has suddenly become very frugal. This may be a sign that he’s saving up for a ring and wants to cut back on spending in other areas. These are all major signs that your significant other is ready for something more out of the relationship because married couples share financial assets. Or maybe your looking to make your relationship better with your boyfriend.

does he want kidsKeep an ear out for his mentioning kids. Although your relationship may not be ready for that step yet, he might bring up the idea of kids to get an idea of where you are on the subject. Many times guys will bring up the subject of kids as a joke or side bar, but this can be one of the signs he wants to marry you. If he begins discussing them and joking about having kids someday, then he probably has that plan in his mind. Children are a big deal to even talk about, so that’s a sign he wants to commit, settle down, and eventually raise a family together.

He begins including you in family get-togethers. One of the key signs that your guy may not be interested in long-term is when he doesn’t seem interested in you getting to know his family and friends, and the opposite is true as well. Does your boyfriend invite you to family events, weddings, and holidays? If he does, then this is a sign that he already considers you to be a part of the family. He wants to make sure that you get the chance to know his family and also that they have the chance to know you. This is one of the major signs he wants to marry you, so pay attention to how often you meet or spend time with his family.

One of the signs he wants to marry you may not be as obvious. However, it’s a key way to find out where your relationship is going. Does your guy trust you? Once a guy knows that he wants to spend the rest of his life with someone, he’ll begin to include her in key decisions. This means that he’ll start to confide in you about more personal matters and ask your advice on anything he finds important. This shows that he trusts your opinions and will take your opinion into his decision making. Since many men don’t like to take advice from anyone else, this is a major step, and one you should pay attention to. So, be aware of when he begins including your opinion and even asking for it.

He begins to show up for your ordinary events. It’s never a fun thing to go to the doctor’s office, or meeting at your sister’s place for lunch, but a guy who wants to build a life with you is going to be more willing to be involved in these events. When he realizes that you’re the one he wants to marry, he’ll start to push through even ordinary events if it makes you happy. However, be aware that he may still complain about these events. Going to your mother’s place for Sunday lunch may still be something he doesn’t really enjoy, but if he begins to make an effort to start being more involved in your life, this is a sign he’s interested in the long-haul. These are some key signs that your boyfriend is willing to take the next step and marry you. While these signs may not mean he wants to propose immediately, they do indicate that he takes your relationship seriously.

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